Hornswoggles, it’s been yonks since the last time I wrote here. Not like I didn’t have anything to write about, I was just too busy to actually take the time and write posts I consider written well enough to be published here. I’ll summarize a few key things that happened trying to keep a chronological order.

First off, probably the most drastic change, I was made redundant last December. The whole process took a huge toll on me and I’m not really allowed to discuss any of it as we’ve ultimately signed a settlement so I’ll just leave it at that but I managed to find a new job in reasonable amount of time and I joined my new position in early February. I’m at a principal engineer position at a fintech firm now, my team is amazing and the tech we’re working with is super exciting (finally got an opportunity to dive deeper in the Kubernetes space, among other cool stuff).

I made some changes to the blog itself, moved hosting to my newer dedicated server and it’s managed in Kubernetes via ArgoCD now - which might be an overkill for a static website but it was fun to do nevertheless. I also made a few changes to how the content is being built and deployed leveraging Github Actions to build an image of the current snapshot. I’m quite proud of how this turned out, I can publish new posts following an easy process and that’s something I’ve been trying to do for a while. (The most tedious thing I find with static website generators is building and deploying).

Finally, but most importantly, I became a parent on 8 March. I’m still struggling to believe it sometimes, our son is just the handsomest little fella I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately last week we got tested positive with Covid and our baby got tested positive yesterday as well so currently we’re not doing amazingly well but he’s taking it the best from all of us so I’m not worried one bit.