I’m not sure how many people who know me know I love baseball. Probably a few as I don’t hide it or anything, I’m just aware of the lack of interest so I rarely bring it up. Anyway, one of the games I’ve been playing quite a while is Out of the Park Baseball. I’ve never played enough to be good at it or to even scratch the surface of understanding but this year I decided I’ll dive right into it and so here we are.

Up until now, baseball was something I liked to watch but I never got too deep into it, mostly because of the timezone issues and the lack of ways to keep up but this year that also has changed: I can both watch games on MLB.com and on the telly - thanks to a Fire stick and some dubious IPTV subscription. I’ve also started playing MLB The Show 22 vigorously so I’m catching up - albeit slowly - to both the modern and the historical aspects of the game.

One thing I’ve never done for example is the Perfect Team mode. It’s basically a card collecting mode where you earn/buy packs of cards and use the players you have to build the - wait for it - perfect team. The main reason I was scared to get into it was my lack of knowledge - about the game, players and baseball in general. It’s silly but it is what it is, sue me. Anyhoops, here we are in OOTP 23 and my team is ready for the test.

I picked the name Dundalk Topcats: Dundalk for obvious reasons, topcats solely because I saw a cool logo and I really like the cartoon Top-Cat. Our colors are blood red and black, probably needless to say why but for those who don’t know, (baby) I’m an anarchist. I tried to set the stadium’s weather and other information as much detailed as possible, even though there is no diamond in Dundalk, but surely they wouldn’t mind building it next to the football stadium.

I wanted to include my experience with opening the starter packs but I’ll make a separate post about the roster at some point instead because:

  1. I don’t have access to the game right now
  2. I have no recollection of what pack had what

So stay tuned for the next post and fuck the Orioles!